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On our short film "Monday", the brief was to make a short film on a limited budget and time period. Nash composed a score which complimented the film's mood and tone perfectly. Due to the time constraints, Nash was under a great deal of pressure to create and deliver the score. Even though this was the case, Nash did an amazing job of delivering a compelling score, which improved the film's overall quality tenfold. Working with Nash was a pleasure and is something I look forward to doing again.

Nash is a talented man, with a great understanding of story and tone. His contribution to the project added a heightened emotional depth, which would have been strongly felt had he not been involved.

Sam Walker
Director, "Monday" - London, UK

Nash was a real pleasure to work with. He came up with exactly what we were looking for and a bit more, all within a very tight deadline. It helps that he is a filmmaker as well, and that gives him a definite advantage when composing for film and TV. Plus he's a really classy guy.

Nihal Anand
Director, "The Weather Rabbit" - Bangalore, India

I have worked with Nash on several projects and he is very inspirational director/composer to work with. He composed an amazing piece of music for my short film - the romantic comedy verite Much Ado - by combining playfulness and freshness with classic and well known style of music. I would recommend Nash as a composer without any hesitation.

Janka Neustopova
Director, "Much Ado" - London, UK

Partial Credits

  • "Westover - Feature Film Score" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, in post-production) - Feature film
  • "Monday" (Dir. Sam Walker, 2012) - Short film
  • "Much Ado" (Dir. Janka Neustopova, 2012) - Short film
  • "Cash Out" (Dir. Awkward House Productions, 2012) - Short film
  • "Listen" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, 2012) - Short film
  • "Performance" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, 2012) - Short film
  • "Inconsistent Results" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, Georgie Yukiko Donovan, 2012) - Short film
  • "13:00-14:00" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, Shuo Zhang, 2012) - Short film
  • "Switch" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, 2013) - Short film
  • "First Dates" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, 2013) - Short film
  • "Flowers" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, 2013) - Short film
  • "Issun Bōshi" (From "The One Inch Samurai", Dir. Geoff Willis, 2013) - Short film
  • "Sam and Wallace" (From "The Weather Rabbit", Dir. Nihal Anand, 2013) - Short film
  • "Revelations" (Dir. Geoff Willis, in post-production) - Short film
  • "The Defendant" (Dir. Eoin Wickham, 2014) - Short film
  • "The Green Shoots of Recovery" (Dir. Daya Dodds, 2014) - Short film
  • "Finding Pria" (Dir. Nash Sibanda, 2014) - Short film

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